One Hundred Children, Two Days…

…and they were all ages five and under…


…aaaaaaand I only had about four hours total to shoot them all!!!

But somehow I managed to make some great images of a bunch of great kids.  I think I was lucky I already knew about 2/3 of them, either through my parent volunteer time or through my son, who’s in the pre-Kindergarten class at the school.


These were shot for the gala fundraiser my son’s preschool holds every year and is also its biggest event.


The idea given to me was “actor headshots” in black and white, which I’ve never done, so what I ended up going for was more a simple personality portrait, and I was so lucky almost everyone was beyond expressive; they might as well be actors.  I know children can be hard to shoot sometimes, but this went pretty smooth considering the time crunch.  There were a couple reshoots, but those went by in minutes.


I’d ask them to give me different expressions, “Pretend you’re super angry!  Now let me see you’re silliest, craziest face!”  Then I’d ask them to just smile.  There’s something about capturing that moment when your child is being themselves which, to me, is so much better than anything a school photographer is able to capture.


I love it when I’m able to get portraits of people just being themselves and man, did they give me a ton to work with.  Editing these wasn’t easy.